Daryeelsan is a non-profit and humanitarian non-governmental organization that focuses on areas pertaining to psychosocial care, cultural dialogue, and social development.

The Organization aims to implement nationwide psychosocial counseling campaigns in Somalia with the cooperation of International Organisations and well-wishers.

Daryeelsan seeks to train, employ and supervise psychosocial counselors to support the local people affected by a myriad of predicaments occasioned by wars, natural disasters, and social challenges.



We are a team with different educational background, including Psychologists, Doctors, Public Health Officers and journalists. That the concept of Psychosocial counselling is not popular in the country, the group is aiming to fill the void of Psychosocial support, mental health awareness, promoting cultural dialogue in the country and help improving the well-being of the Society. The Team is aiming to train psychosocial professional counsellors to offer culture based counselling in the country.